Saturday, February 28, 2015

Finn Has a Forever Home

Well we have decided to become foster failures! Finn is going to be staying with our family! He is such a goofball that absolutely loves my daughter. He waits at the bottom of the stairs every morning till I tell him to wake her up! He still has a ways to go with his behaviors but we have started some training with him and will get more involved when the weather gets warm. Thanks to everyone that helped get us anew family member! And to think he was just supposed to stay one night!


Buster's Therapy - What a Champ!

Hi all:  Buster's physical therapy included heat therapy, massage therapy, laser therapy (hence, the goggles), and walked in the water tank/treadmill.  Isn't he a beautiful fellow?  And so compliant!
Lisa Marino

Adopt Remy

Rocky V Loves His New Treats

Friday, February 27, 2015

Get a Goldfish

Adopt Omar and Zoey

Buster's Therapy

Remy Says Thank You

Gizmo's Happy Face

How cold???

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pangya makes the bed!

Chubby Says Thanks

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mosby Says Thanks

Well isn't this dandy! I thought that I had destroyed all the toys in my foster moms house. But sure enough I got some new ones. What a great couple of days this has been - every time my foster mom goes to get the mail it's a new treat for me. My gifts have been wonderful - some I was able to crack immediately and others I'm still working on it :) I'm so excited about my new bed and blanket and my awesome sweater. It's really chilly around here these days and these will keep me super warm. I also now have my own food bowl that doesn't slide across the floor every meal! I wanted to tell you thank you very much for these fantastic gifts - I know they'll be useful when I find my forever home. 

Speaking of forever home - I'm still looking for one.I'm 3 years old and half French Bulldog and half Boston Terrier. I'm looking for a home with energetic parents to love me, play with me, take me on walks, car rides, and provide lots of snuggles. I'm very affectionate and will be your pal for life. I'm living with my foster sister Coco right now and I get along alright with her. However, I have really bad meeting behavior and would need a home with no dogs or parents who will work on my integration. The other thing I forgot to mention, sometimes I'm a little cautious with strangers and unsure about little kids - so a home without small kids would be best for me. Would you be interested in adding me to your family? 

-- Mosby

Kirby the Dorkie Recipes

Hey everyone,
Found this interesting online blog/site in search for additional homemade dog recipes. Check out the link below to "Kirby the Dorkie the Canine Chef Cookbook"
Warm regards,
Judith Liu

Hattie Has a Forever Home

Hattie was adopted this evening! She found her forever home with a family local to me. I will miss everything about her- she is that wonderful- but she is with a great family! And I will get to keep in touch with her.
Yay for Hattie! Yay for me for not crying!

Sandee Herrington

Wonderful news Sandee!
Well done. 

Waffles Diet

This is Waffles' healthy diet of raw chicken (including organs and bone) and veges.  She loves it, licks her bowl clean!  She also loves the raw bones! This diet should give her optimum nutrition. 


Molly wants to hide

Adventures With Erin

Hi all! What a day! First we dropped off Charlie for her dental in Walnutport, PA. Then we drove to Easton to collect handsome NEBTR new Foster boy Duke so he could get to his foster home! He is a smallish but good looking boy, and very spry for 9 years old. He was nervous but good in his crate in the car.  Keep an eye out for this one, he's gonna go fast! 

Next we met up with the wonderful and fabulous Katherine DeCotiis and her family in Union NJ where we took a quick spin around Pet smart with Duke and my Ellie. 

Next we drove back to Walnutport for Charlie! Ellie is exhausted from being in the car. We are glad to be getting back home!

Good luck Duke! I'll be getting Charlie's profile ready tomorrow!

Grimm Sings Happy Birthday

Grimm (fka Tigger, aka Hippo) belts out Happy Birthday! Denice

Adopt Winston and Daisy

Richard Says Thanks

Mavis Says Thanks

Remy and Yankee Portrait

Monday, February 23, 2015

BT Film Oscar Nominee

Mount Laurel Fundraiser a Success

Emmy Helps Out

Welcome Duke

Chubby Says Thanks

Mazy On a Cold Day

Richard Loves His Moose from Elizabeth Merry

Richard Says Thanks

Meet New Foster Duke

Richard Knows Come

Richard is 8 Weeks Old

Update on Bubba

Just wanted to update everyone on Bubba. His eye enucleation was successful. The doctor noted significant bleeding into the vitreous of the eye which was causing the glaucoma. This normally occurs with significant trauma or tumors. Thankfully the doctor found no tumors and there has been no trauma, just bumping into things. We discussed that perhaps it was just an anomaly (perhaps a thinning) in the vessel. The doctor gave me his lense. He said it was the thickest cataract he'd ever seen! My students were fascinated. (My coworkers less so.) I'm grooming some future veterinarians! Lol

Bubba was in a lot of pain the first night. He was not fond of the ice packs. The tramadol is helping. Last night he slept much better. I'm sleeping downstairs on the couch with him. The swelling is going down. Hopefully he'll have significant relief soon! I'll keep you posted!

Sandee Herrington

Doreen Crochets for NEBTR

Jazzy received a handmade sweater which is keeping her warm these cold winter days.  It was crocheted by Karine and Boo Boo's relative and was absolutely beautiful.  This inspired Doreen Keiser, Jazzy's mom, to try and duplicate the pattern.  And look at the gorgeous result above!

Doreen says, "I will be making A LOT of them for our pups next winter in gratitude of what was given to my Jazzy."  I know the fosters will really love these next winter.

50 Shades of Gray - NEBTR Style

Chubby Says Thanks

Meet Wes

Freddy Loves to Snuggle


Waffles Cuddles

Wilbur in His New Home

Wilbur has been in his home for over a month now and is doing good!  I talked with his Dad and he just loves Wilbur!  He goes for rides in the car every chance he gets and has a new pit bull pooch friend.  Kelly can't wait for warmer weather so they can go out on longer walks and have fun outside!
I'm so happy for the little man!

Kelly wanted to thank NEBTR for the good work we do and the transporters that helped get Wilbur home!


More on Bella

Bella is so happy with all her nice gifts from Stacie Kyle and NEBTR members and supporters.  She became so excited with all her new things, it was difficult to get a picture with her and all her new toys and wardrobe, she was moving so quickly to look at and play with everything, including her new coats.  Her favorites: the turquoise braid and her argyle sweater.

Bella is doing very well: the antibiotics are healing the puncture wound on her lip and injured left foot, the eye cream/antibiotic is helping her dry eye and eye infection, and she is much livelier now that antibiotics are conquering the anaplasmosis in her body.  She is scheduled for spaying and mass removal/biopsy on 1 March.

Bella is a lovebug, wants to be with me at all times.  She and Abigail sleep and cuddle together, Abigail even gives her kisses, but when it comes to her new toys, Bella makes it very clear to Abigail that affection has its limits.

Jeanne Dro ss aka Rosie's mom, mother of Abigail and foster Bella

I am happy to read that Bella is coming along nicely with antibiotics and LOVE....Good luck Bella on March 1ST. I am sure that your foster Mom will send updates on your surgery and recovery.I'll bet that Abigail understands the 'rules' when it comes to toys. It is so nice to see that you both can cuddle together. --

Bella Says Thanks

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lacey's new Sweater