Saturday, November 14, 2009

Former Foster Maddie

Maddie is a very lucky girl. She was adopted from NEBTR 3 years ago, and has resided since then in Marlene Galbraith's loving home.

Chicken or Turkey Meatloaf Recipe for Dogs

For those of you who want to cook for your dogs attached is the recipe for turkey loaf.
--Victoria Carter

Chicken or Turkey Loaf

6 packages of ground turkey or ground chicken
1 cup of cooked barley or cooked brown rice (optional)
1 packages of frozen chopped spinach or broccoli
or fresh veggies chopped fine you can improvise on the variety of veggies
does not only have to be spinach and broccoli.sometimes I use zucchini
6 eggs or 1 per package of turkey I use jumbo eggs
1 package organic carrots
¼ cup minced parsley (Optional)
1 cup dry rolled oats (Oatmeal)


These are rough measurements; you can decrease or increase according to your needs. I prefer not to give my dogs beef. Some dogs have allergies to beef.
Beef has much more fat. I don’t eat it myself.
You can use green beans, broccoli instead of spinach. zuccini

Pre- Heat oven 350
Chop the carrots, and parsley in a food processor. Add to the pot with the and spinach. Add the remaining ingredients, mix well.

For this amount I use 1 lasagna type pan, spray pan with Pam. . Bake for about 30 – 40 mins. Allow to stay in the oven to cool.
. I usually make 2 pans so I double the amounts.

Amount of time in the oven varies according to your oven.
When done it should get brown around the edges and firm to the touch.
Sometimes it takes 45 minutes.

Note- I get 6 or 8 slices a pan 2 pans= 12 or 16 slices. One slice feeds 3 of my dogs
Wrap slices in Tin Foil and freeze, defrost as needed.
How to serve: Take one serving size of turkey loaf put in a plastic bowl, add a little water . Heat for 1 minute (if defrosted, if not 2 or 3 minutes.
Mash the turkey loaf into the water and serve Just a little water is fine, not like soup.

I feed my dogs twice a day. In the morning I give them steamed sweet potatoes with a couple of spoons of cottage cheese. Sometimes Orzo with beoccoli and cottage cheese. About once a week I might add a scrambled egg.

I also give them supplements. In the AM meal I add one capsule flax seed oil.
PM meal. Half teaspoon organic Apple cider vinegar(Bragg brand) from a health food store. Solid Gold Seameal is another supplement I use.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Cricket Today

Here's a recent picture of former foster Cricket. She was lovingly fostered by Barb Carnahan, and is now loving life every day with Joyce Hayes.

Bizzy is Featured in The Morning Call

"The Morning Call" of Allentown, PA featured Bizzy in a recent paper. The ad told about Bizzy's story:

Bizzy is a sweet 4 yr old girl that came from a puppy mill about 2 hours North of Philly She was given up because of the new stricter puppy mill laws that the state of Pennsylvania put in place. Leaving the mill she was covered in fleas, very stinky, and like most mill dogs, very scared.
In her foster home she is a loving little girl who loves to give kisses, go on car rides, and play fetch as best she can. Now that her mill mommy days are over, she would love to run and play
all over, but there is one problem. Bizzy has very severe luxating patellas, or floating knee caps, in both of her hind legs. This makes everything she does from walking, to playing, to standing up very very painful. Without surgery she would have to live the rest of her days in pain.
We have a wonderful doctor that is willing to help her with her surgery to fix her knees, but the surgery could cost up to $3600. Please help and donate anything possible to help defer the cost of Bizzy's surgery and get her back on her feet and headed to her furever home!

Please visit the rescue home page at www.nebostonrescue.orgto “chip in” for Bizzy. You can also send checks. Checks should be made out to : Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue, Inc" and mailed to:
Victoria Carter
136 East 28th Street, #5RW
New York, NY 10016

-- Contributed by Lisa Vaughan

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bizzy's Adopt Me Shirt

Isn't this the cutest thing? Lisa Vaughan, Bizzy's foster mom, made it for her.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Foster Jaime

Jamie was left in one of the outdoor kennels at the Peaceable Kingdom Shelter in Allentown, PA during the night. The shelter people contacted the NEBTR, who immediately sent him to a foster home. His foster mom, Joy Riley notes, "He's obviously been well cared for, he leash walks like a charm, he rides like a champ in the car, he knows basic commands, he's not shy or skittish in any way. What a nice fellow! He's got a very handsome brown/black coat. In the sun, he looks more brown. In regular light, he looks black. This guy is just a sweetheart!" Joy named him after Jaime Moyer, one of her very favorite Phillies.

Boston Kisses Posters

Aren't these posters made by Amy Jansky adorable? If you are at an event where the NEBTR is present, you may have the opportunity to be kissed by a Boston! Look for the posters!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Foster Munchkin, AKA Rosie

Here are pictures of Amy Jansky's newest foster, Rosie.

A Pet's Prayer

Now I lay me down to sleep
My humans' bed is soft and deep
I sleep right in the center groove
My human beings can hardly move!

I've trapped their legs, they're tucked in tight
And here is where I pass the night

Peacefully, without a doubt
"Til morning comes and I want out!

I sneak up slowly to begin
nibbling on my humans' chins
They soon awake to care for me
"Cuz I'm their critter, don't you see?

Now morning's here and time to play
(I always seem to get my way!)
From first light to the setting sun
I count my blessings one-by-one!

So thank you Lord for giving me
These human people that love me
The ones who hug and hold me tight
And share their bed with me at night!

(Author unknown)

-- COntributed by Joan Starkey

Monday, November 9, 2009

Foster Norman

Just wanted to share these two photos of Norman because they show that he's good with other dogs. He prefers people... he doesn't actively seek out playtime with my other dogs, but he is very tolerant and good with them. He does enjoy playing fetch with my white bulldog, Molly, though.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Happy Halloween from Battley, now Bentley

Our former foster Battley the deaf Boston - now Bentley - enjoyed his first Halloween in his new home with sister Dippy. Here are some pictures of the little guy dressed as nothing other than a bat, of course.

His mom tells me 'they were meant to be together'. Another happy ending!

-- Contributed by Dana Blonski