Saturday, December 27, 2014


Photo and Video of Spikey

Spikey opened up his Secret Santa box today and was so, so, so excited! He immediately took out the red tennis ball and pranced all over the house with it. When he realized he had another tennis ball and a squeaker toy, he was elated! I was hardly able to get his new coat on him. Here are some pics of Spikey going through his box, posing for a toy, and playing with his squeaker toy. The soft, chewy treats are perfect for his sensitive teeth! Thank you so much, Karen L.! You've made Spikey a very happy boy!

Photos of Bubba's Christmas

Bubba just got a package in the mail! He is so excited. He may be blind and mostly deaf, but his sniffer certainly works. He couldn't wait to check out his goodies. Bubba got everything on his Christmas wish list!!! A harness, a handsome fido fleece sweater, bully sticks, a stocking full of treats. I can't believe how generous secret Santa Moreen was!!

Thank you so much!! And thank you to Kristy for organizing the Secret Santas!

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!
Sandee HerringtonHe hasn't stopped chewing one of his new Bully Sticks for almost an hour! For a more mature gentleman that had 7 teeth removed last month, I'm so glad he still enjoys a good chew!

Skittles says Thank you!

Photos of Chubby

Hamilton Takes it Easy

Merry Christmas from Roxy

More Gifts from Moreen to Bubba

Thanks to Moreen from Bubba

Thanks to Eileen Giltz for the Dog Beds

Spikey Says Thanks

Help for Dry Skin

Rondo's First Christmas

Friday, December 26, 2014

Molly's blanket


Molly is not happy, but she sure is cute!

Merry Christmas from Molly

Merry Christmas from Stewie

Merry Christmas from Robin

Robin Thanks Santa Jimmy Pack

Update on Winston Churchill

Merry Christmas from Neiko

Merry Christmas from Former Foster Cody

Fena says Thank You

Thursday, December 25, 2014


Goodbye to Buster

Pangya is waiting for Santa Dog

Oliver Dreams of Santa Dog With His Boy Andrew

Oliver dreams of Santa Dog with his Boy Andrew.

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

My First Christmas in Heaven

In Memory of Fred

Happy Holidays from Leroy and His Family

From our family to yours - we wish you a very happy holiday!

May your destination to where you travel this holiday season with your fur-babies be safe...

The Lius

Foster parents to Leroy

Fur-ever parents to Kai Xin

Duncan is Home for the Holidays

Congratulations to Duncan, who is truly home for the holidays.  You see, his foster mom Alyssa Renwick has decided that she is too in love with him to ever part with him, so he will life for the rest of his life with her.  Isn't that a wonderful gift for Duncan - and for Alyssa!

A Special Christmas Gift

Thanks for all the good wishes for Goldie.  The biopsy showed a MAST cell tumor growing rapidly so it was a good thing we removed it.  Vet said clean  margins and we caught it  early so no need for anything further.  Her  mouth is definitely feeling better today  She gobbled up her   breakfast  and wanted to play.  Jerrilyn, I think you set me up on this one! LOL.  But I am glad you did.  I do not know who was more worried during her  surgery - me or my husband. I think he asked me every ten minutes if I had heard from the vet and then it was   how  soon can we go get her.  He even insisted on driving to the vet so I could hold her on the way home.

He was holding her later that night and looked at me and said - "you know we have to keep her".   but then he scolded me with " You can't bring home any more cute dogs!!!" She is home for the Holiday.   She is indeed my little Christmas gift.

I got this special Christmas gift yesterday when David said we would keep Goldie our tiny foster. He didn't want any more dogs but fell in love with her as I had already done. It would have broken my heart to give her up but I think he knew I needed her. I got my puppy in Chelsie and my tiny girl Goldie. Thanks your Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue for bringing Goldie into my life and thank you David for letting me keep her. Joan   Ontario NY

Oh that is WONDERFUL!!! I am so happy for you and Goldie and so happy she is home for the holidays! How truly lovely for all of you... Stacie

Victor Wants His Christmas Gift Now

Merry Christmas from Miss Daisy

Miss Daisy wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy holidays.  (I attempted to get Winston to sit still but that's almost impossible when you have treats lol)

Courtney Kautz

Aww, Miss Daisy looks so pretty! Happy holidays to you!

Happy Holidays to Everyone from the Kyle Pack

From Jaxx, Sadie and Josie

Tucker Says Happy Holidays

From NEBTR adoptee Tucker (on right) and his siblings, Stella and Lulu, Happy Holidays to the great crew at NEBTR!!! We you!

Lisa Lovett

Thanks to Michele Morelli

Brady Says Thanks

A huge thank you to Eileen Glitz for Brady's crate. He needed more room. I think he likes it. And to Michelle Tomsia for the shampoo. He is one lucky guy.
DuBois papa

Sent from my Verizon W

Omar and Zoey Thank Otto and Family

Many many thanks to Otto & his family, for donating their prizes to Omar & Zoey. Omar absolutely loves the bed and Zoey loves the wreath toy. Merry Christmas from Omar & Zoey!

Pangea got Antlers

Thanks to Buster's Santa Alexis and Oliver

Special thanks to Buster's Secret Santa Alexis and Oliver.  They had made stockings and gifts for all the virtual fosters and each of them will have an extra present.  They were also the Secret Santa to Buster.  Unfortunately, 15 year old Buster died before he could get his gifts.  Alexis is going to send them to Stacie so that they can be distributed to other fosters in need.

Buster, although not with us, got a chance to have a beautiful 10 months of love and being spoiled. He was 15! How incredibly awesome is that - and to live your last year completely happy and stress free

Alexis, how wonderful - there is no greater gift than watching these dogs that have had nothing to suddenly have toys and treats and love!.

Penelope Waits for Santa

Winston Churchill Says Thanks

Merry Christmas from Austin and Daisy

Update on Delilah

Ivy Says Thanks to Santa

Skittles Says Thanks

Update on Zoey

Pearl Asks for Treats

Boston Terrier Nativity

Toby Says Merry Christmas

Toby The Party Animal

Merry Christmas From Oliver

With his sister and best friend Keira

Merry Christmas from Turbo

Goldie is Home for the Holidays

Well, I have to tell you - after I got home from the transport today and found the little peanut curled up right where I left her, and my hubby coming home a short time later and instead of asking how my day went - asked about Goldie.  I just looked at him and he said - You know she has to stay, neither one of us can give her up.  So, I just got my Christmas gift, and Goldie is home for the Holidays.  Thank you NEBTR for bringing the precious little girl into our lives.  She really fills the empty spot that I didn't even know was there.  Joan  Ontario NY

Ahhhh such sweet news!
What a wonderful Christmas gift from Santa!!!!!

Merry Christmas Goldie, and Joan!!! - Chris Cassner

Hehehehe!!  I saw this coming, Joan!!  And, I probably have the NEBTR and GFNJ/SEGA records for failing fostering!!
Goldie, happy trails you lucky little girl!!  You just hit the Doggie Powerball!
Oreland, PA

Congratulations!! That's great news!! Merry Christmas to all!!  - Jenn


Merry Christmas from Dodger

Leroy Needs His Beauty Sleep

Leroy needs his beauty sleep after giving kisses all afternoon. :)

Welcome Hattie to NEBTR

Here is a picture of me with Hattie. She can't or won't get in the car on her own. Had to lift her up. She is a sweet girl. Joan, Ontario NY

Jackie O Loves Going to Work with Her Foster Mama

New puppy mill rescue momma, Jackie-O, is at work with me.  One of the greatest benefits of my job is that I get to bring my foster dogs to work with me.  This gives me an opportunity to socialize them and to educate people on fostering and adopting!!  Please adopt, don't shop!!  Have a great holiday!!!

Thank you,
Patti M
Foster Momma