Saturday, May 4, 2013

Frosty Dog Treats

Perfect for hot summer days in the back yard!
FROSTY PAW TREATS FOR DOGS!! Now you can make this special treat from your very own home!
Recipe and directions:
32 oz. plain yogurt
1 mashed ripe banana
2 tablespoons peanut butter
2 tablespoons honey
Mix all of the ingredients together, pour into ice cube trays and freeze. They make a great treat for your pets on a hot summer day. As always, monitor your pets while eating special treats or playing with toys and give treats to your pets in moderation.

-- Chris Cassner

Marley is Adopted





Congratulations to Marley, a real sweetheart,  who was just adopted by Linda Danis.  He joins his new sister Piggy.  Marley has a special mom! Bravo! So happy for Marley, Linda & Piggy , (btw she wanted us to know she did not name Piggy, Piggy had that name when she adopted her, so she kept it.) Love happy endings!

And to foster mom Conny McGraw, congratulations!  Great job with him.  He'll always have what you gave him in his heart.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


These are shelf decorations meant to stand up on a shelf. Donated by Cynthia O'Brien Kaiser. Talk to the paw is 5"x 11"x 1.75", wag more bark less is 5"x 7"x 1.75", my goal in life is to be as good of a person as my dog thinks I am is 2.5"x 8"x 1.75". Please identify your bid with either "TALK" "WAG" or "GOAL", all auction rules apply, bid only in this thread, $1 to start, $1 min bid over high bid. Auctions end Sunday May 5 @ 11PM EST.

Thanks and good luck.

BT Meditation

Marley Loves the Sun

Conni McGraw's foster boy Marley loving the sun!

Conni writes about Marley and Erin Sullivan's former foster Daisy:

" I want to thank you for all the updates. You are touching my heart. I been following Daisy's story since I joined NEBTR. I have a foster boy name Marley right now. He is such a joy and made it easy to be a foster. Now we are ready to find him a furever home. This I expect to be the hardest part for me. However reading about Daisy and you helps me greatly. I can see the love you have for her. And this is what this is all about. THANK YOU

Besides being incredibly handsome and cute, he is also a super sweet boy.  He is laid back, but there are also times he would like to play.  He walks great on the leash.  Plays wonderfully with other dogs.  We have 2 BTs of our own, one of them an alpha male.  No issues there.  Loves to cuddle and is a great kisser.  He is between 6 and 7, and weighs about 24 pounds."

And thank YOU, Conni, for all you are doing for Marley!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Update on Mandy


It is clear Puppy Mill Mom Mandy has no idea how to live outside of a cage and has been hidden away from the world all of her existence. She is slowly trusting me and wants pets, always on her belly to back.  I try to avoid her neck.  Unfortunately she still chooses to stay in her crate, the door is always open.

But, something really great is she started coming to the gate when I get home and she hears me greeting my dogs.  She seems see me and when I move the gate she runs out to me.  Then runs back to crate and continues back and forth.  The one video is when I got home today.  She always runs, never walks.  She is having fun running in the yard.  Video attached from a few weeks ago of her running outside.  She actually wiped out one of the first times she ran outside but she's getting the hang of it!  She's doing great with going potty outside.

-- Leslie Kaucic

That is real progress, Leslie.  Each step toward being a happy little Boston is cause for great celebration for all of us. It's a long, slow road, but the journey will have a happy ending.  Thank you, Leslie, for helping her learn what a dog's life should be.

Update:  After 2 Months from Leslie:

Hi all!
Mandy is finally starting to show some good progress!  Just in the past few weeks she has been getting very happy when I get home.  She runs out to see me and wants pets.  It makes me feel so good that she is excited to see me.  She has not used her pee pads in about 2 wks!  And is recently showing she wants to go outside.     Just in the past few days she's really coming out of the kitchen alot.  She wags her stump and is happy.  At night she gets all wound up and runs around back and forth.  She'll keep wanting outside to tear around the yard. She has also started to pick up toys and carry them into her crate, she's not sure what shes supposed to do.  Tonight as I write she is coming all the way to me in the living room!!  She has been terrified of the TV, pausing at doorway, staring and running back to kitchen.  But tonight she's coming all the way and staying longer.  She's rubbing her body along the couch and wanting to be massaged.  She loves being rubbed now!   I am just thrilled she's choosing to come out!

Leslie, what a gift your patience and nurturing are for her!

New Foster Jinx


Hello everyone,
We got our new foster, Jinx, last night. He came to us via surrender. The same family had had him his whole life. He looks fantastic for a "gentleman of a certain age"! He is 11. He's assimilating well, I think.


-- Strausie Stevens


Thank you Strausie for opening your heart and home to this beautiful senior boy!

You are doing a wonderful thing for this gentleman. Dogs are the best as they age, so you got the best of him. Thanks for being wonderful.

Happy 13th Birthday Olive



Olive came to us as a foster 6 plus years ago   she was going blind and that is why she came into foster care.  We knew. We wanted to adopt Olive.  So here she is.  And she can hold her own among 5 greyhounds!    Happy birthday sweetie!!!


Tammy Trivelpiece

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bubba is Adopted

Much happiness to Bubba, who has found his forever home with his Foster Dad Ron. Bubba is going to have a wonderful life with Ron.

Ron, congratulations on your decision to adopt Bubba.  He sounds like a great boy and I’m so glad the two of you found each other.

New Foster Gracie

Gracie was found as a stray by the Philadelphia ACCT.  She appeared to be 3 or 4 years old, with ulcers on both eyes.  The nice people at the shelter called NEBTR.

Fortunately, Foster Mom Raelynn Zappulla stepped up and offered to foster her.  A full shelter is not the best environment for a girl.

Raelynn writes, "Gracie, enjoyed her first night with us. I think she was more than relieved to not be in that shelter anymore. Our first stop was to Pet Valu to get her a new harness. She wandered around the store and smelled everything. She was very calm and friendly.

As soon as we got home she got a bath.  She was excellent in the tub and loved (!!!) getting dried off. It was so much fun that I'm including the video. She has a little possession aggression but I think she just doesn't know any better so we will try to work on it with her after we're familiar with each other.

She has her own room where she spent the night. We went in this morning to check on her and she was all wiggly and very happy to see us. She ate her breakfast no problem and will be getting her eyes checked at the vet this afternoon. She seems so happy already! She really is a sweetheart."

Following are Raelynn's photos and a video of Gracie.

Thank you so much, Raelynn, for giving this girl a chance.  Bless you for sharing your love! And thanks to Jerrilyn Walter for working so tirelessly to find foster homes for these babies!

Human's Prayer

Happy Birthday Olive!

Tami Nicaise Trivelpiece reports: "Olive will be 13 tomorrow! Please help me in wishing our beautiful, blind girl the greatest of Birthdays!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

New Fosters Bebe and Bailey

Bebe and Bailey were abandoned at a kennel facility in Long Island by their owner. The dogs lived at the kennel for 3 months and they need a fresh start on life and home of their own.  Bebe is a spayed female Boston.  Bailey is a spayed female Manchester (like a min pin).  We are hoping to keep them together - through all that they have been through, they have always had each other. They eat, sleep and play

Thanks to Linda Antonelli for taking in these babies.  Linda always does so much for so many.  She reports that they cry if they are even separated for a small amount of time.

Sasha Says Thank You


Sasha wants to say a big THANK YOU for the blanket she received! She's been snuggling under it all night and dragged it out of her crate this morning so she cuddle with it on the couch.

-- Heather Coursen

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bea Graduates

Former Foster Bea just graduated from Obedience Class! Congrats Bea!

New Fosters Fritz and Rex

Rex and Fritz (Fritz is the beautiful splash boy)  heartbreakingly lost their home when their owner went into a Senior home.  He wanted to make sure they would always be loved and cared for, so he contacted rescue and foster homes have been found for these boys with Linda Brennan and Jamal and Stacy.

It would be wonderful if an adoptive home could be found so these babies could stay together!

Linda writes about Fritz, "Welcome Fritz to our family. He is a handsome boy and is a lover not a fighter. He loves to give kisses, kisses, kisses!!! You can tell he was sooo loved. A gentle young man that will make a great companion for someone. He walks well on a leash and enjoys exploring his new environment. We still need to get to know each other for now. He will be seen by our vet on Monday and scheduled for neutering. Stay tuned for updates as they evolve. Welcome Fritz to our NEBtRescue Home!"