Saturday, July 12, 2014

Thank you from Gizmo!

Pangya and foster Summer

Byron and Raxter Say Thanks

 The boys enjoying their toys and Georgia trying to butter them up to see if they will share.

Are we sure this guy is 12?!?! He was so excited for his and his brothers welcome presents! He was impossible to get a picture, he was chewing, jumping and flinging!
Baxter and Byron say two paws up!
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
They loved everything!!! Xo

  Here is Baxter getting one of his welcome gifts!

Baxter loves frosty paws.

Debbi Stapleton

New Foster Lacey It's a Girl

I finally got a GIRL!! lol Daisy is here!   She is a sweetheart. not too big on toys yet. very active though. My daughter has a question that I didn't have an answer for. I have seen this with other fosters i think, changing incoming fosters names to a better suited name. I have a beagle named Daisy, now with this new Daisy I picked up today, she came up with the new name of Lacey because it is VERY confusing with 2 Daises in the house. So I am hoping this would be ok. We have been trying it with her and she doesn't seem to mind the new name!!

Lacey has an appointment on Tuesday with the vet for her check up. There are several issues we are going to be looking into. Her vision, as we were told she is going blind, she seems to be getting around perfectly and can manage stairs with out a problem,  her hearing, because we were told she is deaf or going deaf. We have a squeaky toy and when we squeaked it her ears perked up. So I do believe she can hear but how much is the question. Gina found a lump on her chest while she was holding Lacey (Daisy) in her arms. She pointed it out to me at our meet. So lets hope this isn't any more than just a fatty mass.

She is going to the groomers tomorrow to get a bath and her nails cut. They are extremely long. She is sleeping right now in a crate.She pretty much came with NOTHING! I had a purple collar so I gave that to her. The one she came with was too big and OLD and frayed. She loos good in it don't you think??So we need to work on getting a wish list together for this sweet girl. I will let you know how she does overnight tomorrow.

Christine Manzella

Wilbur Got Gifts

Wilbur and I would like to thank Paul Goodwin and Debra Fletcher very much for the gifts!  He doesn't like the belly bands but I do :)

Leslie & Wilbur
Morgan Pa

The Puppies Are Named

The Votes Are IN!

Here are your NEBTR Puppies complete with foster names!


Comfortable Lilly

 Lilly doesn't miss the puppy mill at all! She is really getting used to the comforts of a home. Even if my head was there first! Oh well. She deserves it!

Lilly is spending some down time with her foster dad Chris. What a lovable honey she is!

Poughkeepsie NY

Morning from Pangya!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Another Pup Video

Remy Loves Her Ball

Remy Says Thanks for the Bully Sticks

Miss Remy Video

Myrtle Poses and Says Thanks

Here are some photos of Myrtle posing with some of the gifts she received from her Wish List....She quite a good model....

Thank you to everyone!

Carrie & Myrtle
Alloway, NJ

So precious! She looks great! Look at all that fur!

Puka, Now Lilly, Plays Cards With Her New Family

She looks so content!  She really loves her kids, so happy for her.

She looks so happy in her new home I love it when they love the children.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Adoptable Pup Spotlight! ZOEY

Good afternoon, ladies and gents. A true lady never reveals her age, but I will tell you that in human years, I'm in my mid-eighties! I'm on the search for my retirement home... you know, a place where I can lounge about, relax and nap anytime I want. I've lived a lot of my life already, and now I deserve to be able to throw my feet up and take it easy!

I love everyone I meet. I'm a kind, good-natured dame, and although my energy level is not what it used to be, I am extremely polite and love being around others.

If you think your home might make a good retirement home for me, please won't you contact NEBTR?

I look forward to making your acquaintance!

All my love,

Send Good Thoughts to Remy

Her wellness visit in June had gone well and the vet said she is in great shape and would have guessed her age to be 8 rather than 12.  The vet was very impressed with how good her eyes and teeth look.  Her heart sounds good and she has no issues with her patellas/hips.  She was tested for heartworm, lyme & ehrlichia which all came up negative/normal.  She does need to gain a pound or two as she is on the thin side.  Recently she went for her pre-op blood work and the results were all good.  She also had a small shoulder bump aspirated and the results came in benign.  Now she is scheduled for a spay and double mastectomy (she has two tumors in the spay area) on Thursday provided her pre-op x-ray is all clear.  The tumors will be removed and sent for biopsy.
Please send good thoughts Miss Remy's way!
Tricia Maune

Aww, prayers for Miss Remy.  She is such a pretty lady

Get Well Soon Lilly

Miss Lilly is at home recovering from surgery.  Get well soon, sweetie!

Roxy Pictures

She actually carried the trowel from the porch to the lawn in her mouth like a stick. Silly girl!
Poughkeepsie NY

T Plays Tug of War

T has really gotten the hang of this "tug of war" game. Here he is
playing with Aoki while Stan officiates making sure all the TOW rules
are being adhered to.

Chris & T
Arendtsville, PA

Princess Lea Update- Adopted 4 Months

Hi Everyone!
I just wanted to share some great pictures and an update on Lea. She is the beautiful red Boston! She is doing great with her adopted family! The pictures made me smile and they should make you too! Dante is her buddy in the pictures!

Katelyn L
Wall, NJ

This is from Roseanne...

Hello Katelyn
Hope all is well.  Wanted to let you know that Princess Lea has been with us four months today.
We are so blessed that she is ours.
She is living the life of a very spoiled and loved Boston T

Thank You Video to Nylabone

Thank you Nylabone!

Stacie Kyle made this wonderful video for Nylabone featuring our pups as a thank you for their awesome donation.  Thanks to Denice Schaak also for making it possible!

What a wonderful Video!  Stacie has made so many beautiful ones, but I think she has outdone herself this time!  Thank you so much for this and for all that you do.
Stacie encloses the Nylabones in the welcome packages she puts together for our foster homes.  You can see by the look on their faces that these Bostons love their Nylabones!

Stacie took a lot of time and love putting together this powerful and beautiful thank-you video for Nylabone for their recent generous donation to our rescues.  I dare you not to shed a tear when you watch this!  Thanks Stacie!!!

Marty Gets His Ball Out of the Basket

This girl is a serious photo bomber.....

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Rocky V. Update

Hi friends, I have an update from Rocky V.'s foster mama. I know that many of you reached into your hearts (and wallets) to help this poor boy when he recently underwent surgery to remove his eye. It was extra tough for him, because the eye he was left with had some issues of its own.

Well, he's on the mend. Here's a note from his foster family:

"We want to thank everyone for their support of our little fighter, Rocky. As you can see from the photo, he is no longer wearing the cone. The infection that caused his right eye removal was stopped from doing any further damage and he is trying to adjust to having just the one eye that is severely limited due to a graft and cataracts. Rocky has learned to use his nose and ears much more and, luckily, he is maneuvering our home without many incidents.

The doctors feel that his remaining right eye is in danger of glaucoma which is a very painful disease. We are providing him with constant care to prevent this. He sits for his eye drops and kisses us after we give them to him. He seems to know that we are doing all we can to help him. 

Rocky does anything to please us and just doesn’t want to be alone in the dark. His foster home thanks you for your continued support to help us keep this little sweetheart from any further pain."