Saturday, August 13, 2016

Important Hobbies

Thanks Mom!!

BeeBee Helps Libre

Thanks for Participating in Giving Grid

Thanks to EVERYONE who entered, and double thanks and triple thanks to those who entered more than once! :)  We raised $968 for NEBTR
Giving Grid and 1-800 Pet Meds will be picking the winners at the end of August.

Ponch Opens His Gifts

Ponch Thanks Heidi Constantine for the Gifts

Ponch got his very own dog bed and a new toy today from Heidi Constantine.   See pics. I think They are Ponch approved!! He would like to say thank you to the person who sent them....but he's too busy sleeping and enjoying them!!!

Christine and Ponch

Ponch Gets a Reward

Ponch was such a good boy at the vet today to get his ears checked, that his foster momma rewarded him with his very own ice cream with dog bone "sprinkles".

Christine and Ponch


Fred is Hard at Work

Fred is doing a bit better ! He was actively seeking attention today from my coworkers, and begging them for their lunch! I left him with a coworker when I was in a meeting and came back to him wiggling and squealing with excitement, and trying to play! Now that everyone else is gone it's nap time for him :)


Thursday, August 11, 2016

Ella Shows Lana and Bella the Ropes

Tess Remaks the Bed

I see a DIY tv show in her future.  Designs by Tess,....this episode,  How to give your master bedroom that that lived in look.
:)   Chris

Lana and Bella

Bella in Her Forever Home

Ada in Her Forever Home

Colby Jack Says Thanks

Fred is One of the Gang

Ellie Enjoys Her Summer Pool

Tess Thanks Courtney for the Beautiful Blanket

Oh my...A package came for Tess from "Blankets 4 Boston's"! Thank you Courtney for making this beautiful handmade blanket for Tess! And thank you Zoe and Brode for testing it out before it was shipped. She loves it! It's the first thing she's ever owned! 💕


Finn Is Adopted

Well, this was a hard one for me to let go. He was so scared when he came here in May. Today Finn left a confident boy to start the rest of his life.

Congrats little guy. I love you so. I know your new family will continue to help you becoming the Boston Terrier you were always meant to be. Strong. Smart. Loving and funny.
Good luck Finley McNaughty. We miss you already.

Congratulations Conny and Finn! Everyone looks so happy! Thank you for making this possible for him.