Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mill Momma Hope

I just wanted to give everyone an update on the six year old girl from the Mill. I have decided to name her "Hope." She is in a sad state of affairs and I will have her at the vet for her check up first thing Monday morning. It looks to me, (and Amy agreed) that the worse of her injured eyes, (both eyes have ulcerations but her left eye is in a bad state), we both think that the vet is going to have to remove it. I of course will call or email Victoria as soon as I know what the vet is suggesting. I still don't understand how even the coldest of people can treat a living breathing creature like this. I am happy to say that Delmer and Lola have both welcomed her in with open paws. She is currently laying on the couch right next to me. While she's only been here for an hour or two she seems to be affectionate. She even put her paw on my leg and pushed her self up to my face to give me a kiss. I was amazed. I guess she knows she's in a good place. I am happy to report she had no issues with eating, and had a nice solid bowel movement. Sorry to go on and on but I thought everyone would like to hear how she was doing. It is still early but I am filed with Hope..


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