Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Matilda Update

Here is an update on Matilda in her new home.

Hey Elly,
I have been meaning to email you, however life has been busy especially when you are adding something to it!! SHE IS GREAT!!!! I love her SO much! We are a perfect match I am pretty sure. She has been meeting a lot of new friends, anywhere from babies to the elderly and puppies to old hounds! And she is great with everyone. The first day with her I realized what you meant about she loves everyone and not everyone loves her! She can be a bit forward even though she means well. Introductions work well on a leash. I'd say her best friend so far (other then her mommy) is a 6 mo. old mastiff puppy named Koda. They will romp for hours and what's funny, is that I think he is more afraid of her then she is of him! But yeah she's doing great. I had no trouble with stress from switching to a new home. The first night I couldn't stand to put her in a crate so she slept with me and has ever since! And I must say she is not always a morning girl, which is fine by me, except when I have to get up for work, sometimes I actually have to wake her. She spends her day when I'm at work in her crate and my landlord/neighbor says they never hear her. She's quiet unless provoked. She's a good guard dog too, very alert and always at attention when she needs to be. Everyone loves her, especially me. I am so glad I gave her a chance, she's just wonderful. I feel like a mom because if I have somewhere to go in the evening or I got out with friends for a little, I sit and think about her and worry. Haha. I attached some pictures. Sometimes we do photo sessions with my computer when we're bored! One of them is her morning grumpy face when I wake her up and she's just not ready!!! Anyway, I'll keep you posted! Thanks so much!!


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