Sunday, September 6, 2009

Foster Dogs in New York City Helps NEBTR

Sarah, a foster mom at Animal Care & Control, a kill-shelter in Manhattan, started the site Foster Dogs in New York City. NEBTR has linked to this site because of the wonderful work that Sarah does. It is updated daily with dogs from various shelters and rescue organizations in serious need of someone to love them. Her motto is, "Make a difference in a helpless dog's life. Foster a dog today!"

Sarah has featured several of the NEBTR fosters on her site, including Frankie, Ha-Na and Bandit. See their photos and stories below, and go to Sarah's site to see the other equally deserving and gorgeous pups there. Thanks so much Sarah for your help!

Meet Frankie at Foster Dogs in New York City

My name is Frankie. I am 1.5 years old, and have had a very tough start to my life-- but my foster home has been teaching me that life isn’t always bad. I didn’t have any socialization with other dogs, besides my siblings, any humans or the outside world for the first few months of my life. Because of this I really need to be placed in the home of experienced and very patient dog owners. I have come a long way but I still have a ways to go but I am ready to learn.

I do like other small dogs but it does take me a little time to warm up and I need a slow introduction. Once I am comfortable with them I love to play like other dogs my age. I can be very uncomfortable when meeting new people and will bark because I am afraid but once I know that they will not hurt me I will relax…then watch out because I am a total cuddle bug who just LOVES to give kisses. Because of my uncertainty of humans I shouldn’t live with children because they can scare me and they don’t understand that I need time to get to know them first. I also shouldn’t be around cats because I will chase them and it will cause fights. I am a smart boy and will tell you when I need to go outside and just go crazy over my chew toys.

Meet Bandit the Smiley Boston Terrier at Foster Dogs in New York City

Bandit is 8 years old and is a very special dog that is looking for an equally special family. Since he's had a hard time feeling confident, his next home should be his forever home. This guy literally smiles whenever he sees you…really, he honestly smiles! He came to rescue because his owner became very sick and could no longer care for him. This boy is ball crazy and likes to play with balls of any size. He likes to push them around by himself and he will let you know if he wants you to play with him when he rolls it to you or bounces it off his head (yes, we did say bounces it off his head). He can play fetch for hours and will often growl when he plays.

Bandit can sometimes become very withdrawn needs time alone and his family should understand and respect him enough to allow him that. He will assert himself if you invade is alone space. Bandit can be a very attentive and loving dog but will need someone who will be assertive, consistent and will not spoil him. An experienced dog owner is a must and he will not be placed in home with children and he should be an only dog.

His current foster home is currently working on issues he has with collars and his making great progress. If you have the patience and love to open your heart and home to give Bandit a second chance email Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue and someone will talk with you about Bandit. He may be a work-in-progress, but he still deserves his own forever family!

Ha-Na the Success Story!

I am Ha-Na and I am an absolutely gorgeous 8 year old Boston Terrier. I am one of the lucky dogs who survived an awful puppy mill. You would have absolutely no idea that my entire life I was abused and neglected by people because I am the sweetest and most gentle soul you will ever meet! I lived in a small cage having litters of puppies and when I was rescued on a snowy December afternoon I still had my mill chain attached to my neck that needed to be cut off with a wire cutter. My foster family quickly found out how bad my life was when they discovered I was blind in one eye from minor injury that could have been easily fixed if I had any veterinary care.

have come so far since those days in the mill and now I love to play with the other dogs in my foster home and I am wonderful with children of all ages. My current foster home is noisy and busy but I am not fazed at all- I am just grateful that I finally have a warm, dry blanket to sleep on. One of my favorite things is when someone gives me affection because it is something I never knew before and I am making up for lost time. I am crate trained and don’t mind being in there as long as I have a soft bed. I have learned that I can trust people but I will still cower a bit if you need to pick me up but that is because I am still reacting to my life in that awful puppy mill. It took a few months but I have finally learned to walk up stairs and my foster mom was so proud of me…but I learned going back down but I’m not quite as quick with that.

I may be blind in one eye but you would never know because I get around like any other dog and it doesn’t stop me in any way. For an 8 year old dog I am very, very energetic, I guess it is because I am enjoying all my new freedom. I will need patience with housetraining, I do go outside but there are times that I will mark inside the house but I am still learning.

Thankfully, Ha-Na has now been adopted and has the first forever home of her own.


Sarah said...

Thanks for the post!! Happy to help these Bosties find homes!!!

- Foster Dogs in NYC

The Ardee Man said...

Hi my name is Shane Gorman, I live in Stamford CT. We have a # year old male Boston Terrier that we love very much. Unfortunately yesterday he bit my 10 month old daughter in the face and we are tortured on what to do.
I don't really want to give him away but if he bites again I would never be the same again. Do you know any place that would take him and that I know he would have a loving home ?
Shane Gorman