Thursday, January 14, 2010

Patron of the Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue

Jennifer of the Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue posted this right before Christmas,

"Earlier this week I got a phone call from a gentleman in Branson, Missouri who told me that his 9 month old Boston Terrier puppy had broken his leg FIVE days prior and he could not afford to get the leg fixed. This poor puppy had been suffering for five days before he called me for help. I managed to arrange a transport up to Omaha the next day and the puppy got here. I took it to my vet who usually does my orthopedic surgeries and he took x-rays and told me that because of where the break was (up by the femoral head) and the extent of the damage it was beyond his expertise. He told me he could amputate the leg for $700. He called in an orthopedic specialist who could do the surgery and he told me that he could fix him, but the surgery would cost between $3000-3500. I struggled with this decision because of the cost, but in the end I couldn't let a young dog lose his leg just because of accounting so I authorized the surgery figuring I would figure out how to pay for it one way or another....because I believe in Christmas miracles."

"Patron had his surgery right before Christmas, and it was a success. He went home for the Holidays with one of the vets for aftercare. Right before surgery they found a lump on his jaw and did an additional xray to make sure we weren't dealing with cancer or anything like that. He had an old healing fracture there so this poor dog was probably abused. He is still the sweetest, most loving dog. Everyone who helped his transport to me fell in love with him."

Jennifer posted an update recently. She writes,

"First, I want to say thank you to everyone who came forward and sent a donation to Nebraska Boston Terrier Rescue. I know that it is tough with the economy and especially right before Christmas. BUT we raised enough money to cover the whole surgery and then a little no more donations are needed at this time.

I REALLY, REALLY want to thank the RESCUES and BT CLUBS that came forward to help one of their own. You all have dogs of your own to take care of and to come forward and donate money makes me very proud to be associated with you! Some of the organizations donated themselves and others sent it on to their volunteers who donated.
Thank you to:
Midwest Boston Terrier Rescue
Greater Houston Boston Terrier Club
Boston Terrier Club-Rescue of Southern Nevada
Boston Terrier Rescue of Eastern Tennessee
Southern Cross Boston Terrier Rescue
Boston Terrier Rescue Canada
Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue

Many of you asked if Patron was going back to his old owner and I thought it was a gimme that that would NEVER have happened, but I apparently did not make it clear. NBTR only takes in dogs that are surrendered to us and I would never raise money for a dog to go back to a possibly abusive owner.

Now....on to Patron...(many asked about his name...he was named after Patron Tequila)
He had his surgery last Tuesday and by Wednesday we knew it was a success! He was standing on it and waggling his little butt for everyone to pet him. He went home with one of the vets from the clinic for the Christmas holiday for her to "foster". Well, we all know how that turned out....she is keeping him! So...he has a new home and a new name...he will now go by the name of Charlie. The orthopedic surgeon gave him a go ahead to run and jump and be a puppy! And his vet owner said "he is running around and he doesn't act like he was ever 'broken'". "

Photos follow and you can see all the staples in his little leg. This was truly a heartwarming Christmas story with so many helping out this little guy!

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