Friday, January 8, 2010

Update on Chamberberg Mill Mama Addie

Hi Guys! I wanted to pass this along. December 28th I adopted out Mitzy, my current puppy mill foster. That same day was the first anniversary of the adoption of another puppy mill girl I fostered, Addie. Addie was one of the mill survivors that Tiff rescued from a mill in Chambersburg, PA in November, 2008. Three of her other mill mates were Bea with Lisa V., Quincy with Gilda and Amber with Emily T. She must have had a horrific existence in that mill because she was very emotionally damaged and even after having her for several months she was still extremely scared of humans. She has become the luckiest girl in the world because she was adopted by a very, very special family who continued to work with her and never gave up...even though it was a long and rocky road. In honor of her first anniversary they sent this video of her. My jaw dropped because I can hardly believe this is the same girl who physically shook when you came within 2 feet of her and fought for her life when you had to pick her up.

Her new family, Cathy and her daughter Alexis, have transformed this frightened mill girl into happy and healthy dog. I think what makes me love this video is you can hear how much Cathy and Alexis love this little girl!!! Just a little chicken soup for the rescuer's soul...

Here is her anniversary video.

-- Jodi Groff

And here is what her family says about her:

"Hi Jodi,

We can't believe it has been 1 year!!!! And we all are doing GREAT! As you can see Addie is just flourishing. We would never have imagined that she would be this good. She adores us and especially Petey...they are like brother and sister. To think last year when we brought her home....we had to keep her leash on and she wouldn't come near us...for months. I especially love when I come home and she hears the garage door, she is at the top of the stairs and when she sees my face she wiggles in excitement! She sleeps with me in my bed and snores like the dickens ( it lulls me to sleep!).

Thank you sooooo much for her!!!!! Jodi you did a great job! Share that video with Boston rescue if you want.

Please visit us on your next visit to Hoboken! Have a Wonderful New Year!


Cathy, Lex, Petey and PRINCESS ADDIE"

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