Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Update on Bunnie

Bunnie came into foster care with her brother, Turbo.  When it was realized that Bunnie was an agility star prospect, it was decided by her foster parents that the best home for Bunnie would be with caregivers who would encourage this skill in her.  Turbo was then adopted by Alexandra, his foster mom.

Kristen, Bunnie's forever mom, writes, "She's doing great!! We couldn't have asked for a better dog for us! She's chilling right now.she's good at that. We bought her some agility equipment, and she's loving it."

Here is Bunnie in her rain gear.  Kristen says that she tries to shake it off, but she hates the rain even more. She is always with her tennis ball in her mouth." Bunnie is a real athlete, and "seriously jumps so high it's funny."

Her one quirk is that she "cannot STAND it when someone 'blows a raspberry'. She howl/barks and gets very stresed."

It is great to hear that Bunnie is living the good life with Kristen and Danny. There is a visit planned this spring for Turbo and Bunnie so they can get together again.

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