Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update on Oscar

Oscar is the sweetest most affectionate dog, and funny. He's like a cartoon character! Ella had a huge box of toys which have been untouched since she died. Bluey doesn't bother with them. Oscar has discovered the toy box. There are toys scattered all over the house and he keeps taking some and putting them in his crate. So much fun!

Oscar is home! He is learning to mind his manners with Bluey. He is just so cute and affectionate. he learns things quickly. What a lovebug! Thank you NEBt Rescue!

Thank you for all of your help and suggestions. Oscar is just a lovebug! Bluey isn't thrilled, but he's
getting used to him. Maybe eventually he'll play with him. Oscar tried to mount him 2x the
first day and Bluey put him in his place. He has been minding his manners since then. The
girls, my husband and I are just in love. He's a good boy, he listens very well. He needs work
with a leash..I am surprised a 30lb dog can pull me that hard! In every other way, he learns so
quickly if you tell him no. He is extremely affectionate and sweet, just a doll.
Thanks again,
PS Maybe I can work on Karl about a the future.:)

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