Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goodbye Rocco, Hello Papi

I am happy to report that Rocco went to his forever home on Saturday.  He now has a wonderful new family in Vineland, NJ, complete with 2 brothers; a boxer affectionately named "Eeyore" because he is older and mopes around, and the cutest little brown/white BT named Gizmo.  I heard from Jaime, Rocco's new mom, that he settled right in like he had always lived there and he's having a ton of fun.  He has a huge fenced backyard to get out all of that energy.  I've included a picture of Rocco in his new home.

I picked up my new foster in Rome, NY yesterday. We named him Papi, which is Spanish for "Daddy" and it really fits him this old guy. When I met the transport, Papi was shaking in his crate and covered in feces/urine. Rome is 2 hours from me and it was not a fun ride home. But I gave him a good 15 minute scrub when we got home.

He is approximately 9 years old and his age really shows. He has trouble going up the stairs and prefers to lay on the floor than jump up on the furniture. I made him a nice little doggy bed in front of the fireplace and let him dry off after his bath. He likes that. He also walks a little funny on his back legs. I have a vet appointment set up for next week and will have them check for luxating patellas.

Other than not eating yet, he seems to be doing well. He is really sweet and LOVES belly rubs. I've also attached a picture of him here. He's a big guy - approx. 32 lbs and stands just a bit taller than Chico!

-- Mary Liberty

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