Thursday, November 24, 2011

What Your Support Achieved

A while back, we posted a request for urgent donations to help with the medical bills and care of the many, many Bostons who have recently been in jeopardy. One of the most horrendous cases was poor Cesar, who looked like this when he found his way to animal control in September. He looked like this:

You all responded amazingly to his plight, and donated a record amount, enough to provide care for him. He was taken under the wing of foster mom Carolyn McCarthy, who continued to nurture him.

And this is Cesar today!

Here he is playing with his foster siblings Manny and Minnie:

More good news for Cesar - he has been adopted by Laura Ratsavong and Kenneth Young and now lives in Brooklyn.

Way to go Cesar! And thank you again to everyone who helped heal this boy so that he can have a forever home with a family who loves him. That is what rescue is all about!

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