Monday, December 19, 2011

Lucy and Brady Donate to NEBTR

Lucy and Brady (both BTs) came to me the other day and suggested that all the gifts that we exchange amongst each other and all our Bostie friends should be donated to other Bosties who don't have what they have....the multiple toys, treats, collars, leashes, beds, blankies, etc
etc etc

So, together with a handful of friends and a handful of other Bosties....we are joining together and donating all the money that we would spend on each other's pups this Holiday Season to Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue!!

I love the idea and I hope any little bit that we all give will help a precious baby be more comfortable, feel the love that they deserve and find a forever, loving home like my two have.....

Talk about getting in the Holiday Spirit!!! I was so proud of Lucy and Brady for thinking of it!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

This truly is the Christmas Spirit.

Lucy and Brady's Mom Kathie

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Misty said...

Lucy and Brady are the best!!