Friday, December 2, 2011

New Foster Madge

Hi Everyone,
I am a first time foster mom with NEBTR. I just picked up Madge, our sweet senior foster on Saturday. She was abandoned so NEBTR had no history on her. She had two seizures Saturday and one more severe one on Monday. Sadly, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Madge loves walks, belly rubs and giving kisses. In spite of all that she is enduring, she is a very sweet, loving lady. We are giving her pred and hope it helps her symptoms but we know that Madge's time with us is limited. We are making sure that Madge's last days are filled with all the love and care that she so richly deserves. Please keep Madge in your thoughts and prayers.

Cynthia Kaiser
Albany, NY


Deb said...

God Bless you in this difficult first endeavor in fostering.

JesSica ReNee said...

Aww. This breaks my heart! She is lucky to have you at this time. She may surprise you & live longer as she is now loved & cared for. (I had a similar situation & just recently had to put one of our dogs down who was a lab & 14) best wishes & give her love from a BT lover :)

Marlana said...

I am a foster with BTR ET I take in special needs and the senior kids, so I know how it is dealing with borrowed time. All I can tell you to do is love her with all your heart, hug her everyday and be the last thing she sees before she passes.

God placed her with you for a reason, I have learned something from everyone of my kids that has passed away. One of the best of them is make good with what time you have.