Saturday, December 31, 2011

Update on Maggie

Look at our girl now!! This is the Christmas miracle that your donations paid for. Thanks to all who contributed so generously so that baby Maggie could have a chance at life. You are all her angels, along with Foster Mom Dawn, who is the biggest angel of all. Remember how sick and weak she looked? Read below for Maggie's life now...

Maggie is doing great in the loving care of her Foster Mom Dawn! She had her surgery and it was a success! Here is a photo of her right after the surgery. Thanks to all those who donated, NEBTR was able to pay for her care. This 8 month old darling now has a lifetime of love to look forward to. As short while ago, it looked as if she would lose her life. Maggie is now up for adoption, and you can read her bio on our Petfinders site.

Maggie and her now famous butt. As Dawn notes, "The important thing to remember is that this is almost flat now, instead of the size of my fist."

Maggie is also getting to enjoy more of the things that baby dogs love. She seems to be thriving. She eats well, has a lot of energy, is playful, and she did well meeting Dawn's family for the first time at Christmas. Everyone fell in love with her!

She really took to her foster Nana.

Playing with Benny. Maggie is on the right.

With her Nana again.

She loved the lounge chair in the sunroom.

She likes to collect all the toys. These are probably the first toys that Maggie has ever had.

She loves Benny's new bed.

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