Monday, June 25, 2012

More on Foster Archie

"Big Archie" is starting to settle in here at the Hess house and of course I'm in love already. My husband graciously agreed to foster him... not bad considering it started out last Friday as, "I'm just going to get him out of the shelter so he doesn't have to stay another night! I promise I won't want to foster him!" My husband thinks we should name him Elmer since he's stuck to me like glue.

He did have a seizure Friday night after I got him home. I'm sure all of the stress, missed medications and vaccinations brought it on. I spoke with his former vet and they were actively working to get his seizures under control. She recommended upping his phenobarbital dose. He has gained weight since she last saw him, the shelter had him at 57lbs! She did say his seizure meds give him the munchies, which might explain his 57lbs. His prognosis is very good if they can get his phenobarbital levels where they need to be but he will require a lifetime of medication.

He is finally eating and his stomach has settled down. He is nothing but 57lbs. of pure sweetness. He is the perfect little gentleman. He walks nice on a leash, sits, and shakes paw on command. He is getting along great with my crazy two and he's wonderful with my two sons ages 6 and 9. He's charming my neighbors and the school bus driver.


Pam Hess 

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