Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Adopt or Donate to a Senior


One of the most heartbreaking things to see in rescue is the abandonment of an older dog by the family they have known all their lives. This poor pup has given its family nothing but love and devotion all its life, and, when he or she needs its family the most, is turned out. Some of these dogs are tied in front of shelters, some are put out on the streets to fend for themselves. 

These poor, lost homeless souls find their way to NEBTR, where they are cherished as forever fosters, or for some lucky ones, find new forever homes of their own to love them for the rest of their days.
NEBTR supporters Walter, Reinette, Mark and Cathy, always ready to help, have come up with a program to declare this "Summer is for Seniors." We would all love to see them finally get the forever homes the seniors deserve. Although greying and aging, they still are full of love and devotion and would like nothing more than to sleep by their favorite person for the rest of their lives.

To encourage these adoptions, NEBTR would like to set up a trust fund to care for these deserving seniors, and we ask for your help. If you can provide a home for one of the pups pictured above, go to our homepage and fill out an application. Adoption fees for our seniors are very affordable, but if you need assistance for the fee, let us know, and we can perhaps help you there as well. 

To help with senior medical care, if you adopt one of our seniors, you would also be eligible for assistance from our senior trust. 

If you would like to help, but cannot adopt, we ask you to send a donation to our senior trust so that those fortunate ones who do find a home will be covered in the case of an extraordinary medical bill. This would be a wonderful gift to any one of our seniors! If you would like your gift to be applied specially to one of them, just put that pup's name on your paypal donation form. It will be earmarked for him or her. You can read more about some of these deserving souls on our blog, or by reading their biographies in the "Our Pet List" link on the top of the front page of our site.

Bless you for caring about these abandoned souls!

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