Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Foster Magwai (Now Lucy!)

Meet new foster Magwai (her name may change; she seems to be answering to Lucy!) She was a stray from Maryland. She is thought to be 10 and is in rough shape. Her eyes are infected, her ears are infected and have mites, and she has bumps and sores all over her joints.

They brought her out in a towel.  She has conjunctivitis and oozing green from her eyes; badly infected ears with yeast and mites; URI; many bumps on her body, especially at her joints which had open sores from her licking them. 

Sharon Davidson took her to her vet on the way home; then jumped in her RV to go to the shore for 9 days vacation.  She said the shelter gave her the name of Magwai which she will change.  Her vet estimates her to be around 10 and in rough shape.  Sharon has all the meds needed and is happy that she loves her cats, other dogs and the children.

Sharon, this goes above and beyond, but you usually do.  We can't all thank you enough for taking this little girl on your vacation.  Sharon, you get the gold star.

We will keep you updated on her progress.

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