Sunday, October 28, 2012

Update on Bonnie and Buster

The Listers had me over to see the Bonnie and Buster. They are doing great. Very few accidents. They are in love with them. Matt and I are so relieved. Buster's LFT's are high again so he will have to remain on his med's for the rest of his life. At least the med's are inexpensive. With the med's he will lead a normal life.

They have bonded with the Listers, but Irene told me Buster sat at the door for an hour after I left. He's such a baby. I just loved them, but Buster really got my heart. I guess because he was so fragile.

Irene did have one incident where Buster ate a dead baby squirrel and Irene had to grab it by the tail and pull it back out of Buster's throat. I can just picture that! LOL

Also in a thunderstorm Buster got scared and tore up his memory foam bed! The pieces were all over the bedroom. Now I know you were told about the condition of the Listers' home. The inside looks like a picture from a magazine. She must have been horrified when she came home and found that mess..

Will keep you posted.


MANY THANKS to Charlene and her son Matt for being there for Bonnie and Buster and for being such loving and wonderful foster parents, and for finding Bonnie and Buster their perfect forever home TOGETHER!

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