Saturday, February 16, 2013

Update on Hailey Joy

Haily is doing amazing.  So happy and very spoiled.  Always hanging with he big kids and constantly crying to get on our bed or the couch !  She sleeping on top of my Mo right now.  She loves to dig and burrow.  Always under a blanket.  She grooms the other dogs and bites their necks.  Doesn't listen to Mo's little grumbles saying stop biting me please but he just walks away.   And boy is she a porker.  Loves her food and moves down the line.  Great little girl and so fun to watch.  Getting good bend in her knees with physical therapy, soon she will swim in the pool for rehab.  Here are some pictures.

Heather and Haily

Special thanks to Cindy Kaiser donating the dog stroller for Haily.  Now she can get around everywhere!

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