Saturday, August 17, 2013

Spike is Cute

This coming Monday Spike gets his neuter stitches taken out.  He surprises me all the time with his cute antics. For instance,
today, every time I left a room I'd hear this swish, swish sound coming behind me. It was Spike dragging his bed to put beside me so he could lay down in comfort. So funny! That bed has been in the living room, dining room, kitchen, and right now it's in the spare bedroom where our computer is! I'll attach a photo of him in it. It didn't seem to matter if the bed was upside down, inside out or what....he just wanted that bed in the same room with me.

Tonight, for the fist time, Spike fell asleep for 2 hours in my lap. Most times he goes to sleep in his bed, or starts out in my lap and after 15 minutes of that, he's off to sleep in his bed. But tonight while we watched a movie, he didn't want to leave my lap at all. I was able to take some photos of it. :)

Spike = cute :)
Next update soon!
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