Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Duffy is Adopted!

Hi Everyone!

I am happy to say that Duffy was adopted today by Julie Strulson of 
Ambler PA.Over the past weeks since he has been with me, Duffy has 
shown his "true colors". He is a super active dog, wants lots of attention 
and food! I wanted to make sure that Julie came here to see him when 
he is comfortable, and that she sees that he needs a lot of attention 
for all of his energy.

She brought along her brother, to meet him as well. Duffy took to both 
of them, and was happy and literally running around the room in circles 
when they were here. I was afraid that this might be a deterrent for 
the adoption, but Julie said that her parents rescued Boxer is the same 
way, and she is used to that. They went out in the backyard together, 
and all he wanted was her! I am sure that he will be better where he 
can be the only dog and get all of her attention.

It's been hectic here for me with my 2 litters of pups, and the 3 
fosters, and all of my other dogs. I felt bad that such a high energy 
dog wasn't able to get the one on one attention he needed, being here 
at this time.She agreed to take him to obedience school, and I am going 
to help her find a local dog club that has obedience classes.

Duffy was my first foster adoption, and as they left the house, he 
didn't even look back! Which, of course, made it easy on me!
Now back to Rocky and Robin, my couch potatoes, and my own dogs, and 
tending to my 9 little babies!

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I think that Duffy now has 
lots to be thankful for!

Loretta Dolan
Manalapan NJ

Congratulations & best of luck to Duffy.  Enjoy all the rest, especially those babies!!!

Thank you for taking him from the shelter and getting him to his forever home!

Many congratulations and thanks, Loretta.  Great job with Duffy. To your Placement team too -congrats!

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