Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Foster Lacey It's a Girl

I finally got a GIRL!! lol Daisy is here!   She is a sweetheart. not too big on toys yet. very active though. My daughter has a question that I didn't have an answer for. I have seen this with other fosters i think, changing incoming fosters names to a better suited name. I have a beagle named Daisy, now with this new Daisy I picked up today, she came up with the new name of Lacey because it is VERY confusing with 2 Daises in the house. So I am hoping this would be ok. We have been trying it with her and she doesn't seem to mind the new name!!

Lacey has an appointment on Tuesday with the vet for her check up. There are several issues we are going to be looking into. Her vision, as we were told she is going blind, she seems to be getting around perfectly and can manage stairs with out a problem,  her hearing, because we were told she is deaf or going deaf. We have a squeaky toy and when we squeaked it her ears perked up. So I do believe she can hear but how much is the question. Gina found a lump on her chest while she was holding Lacey (Daisy) in her arms. She pointed it out to me at our meet. So lets hope this isn't any more than just a fatty mass.

She is going to the groomers tomorrow to get a bath and her nails cut. They are extremely long. She is sleeping right now in a crate.She pretty much came with NOTHING! I had a purple collar so I gave that to her. The one she came with was too big and OLD and frayed. She loos good in it don't you think??So we need to work on getting a wish list together for this sweet girl. I will let you know how she does overnight tomorrow.

Christine Manzella

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