Saturday, November 29, 2014

More on Scooby From Abington

Hello all,

Just wanted to update you on my FIRST Foster, Scooby. I pulled him at 2:45 pm on Wednesday from the Montgomery County SPCA in the snow! His owner was dying, so her family dropped him off with 2 other dogs. He came with no paperwork, but he is making monumental progress!!!

He is eating his new food (grain free Blue Buffalo), snoozes (or should I say snores) on my couch most of the time. He sleeps in his bed at night (crate was NOT something he is comfortable with at all - would howl endlessly). He is so sweet and gives lots of Boston kisses! He's been a dream come true (so I hear) for a foster. He doesn't like being alone, though, so we are working on that. He barks a lot when I first leave. I have left for 30 minutes at a time and when i get back he is still barking :-(


Since he is not OK with a crate, I "penned" him in my kitchen while I went to family for Thanksgiving dinner. I came home to a CLEAN KITCHEN!!!!! No messes!!!! and he was sleeping in his bed!!!! No barking!!! I felt TERRIBLE leaving him since he is so new, but I have to get him to learn it's OK to be home alone and that I will be coming back.

He goes to the vet on Monday for his wellness check and once we get blood work back, he will be getting neutered. Honestly, I think he could be totally adoptable after his adjustment with me. He's such a sweet boy, has very low energy, but listens pretty good, good on a leash, but with some more training, should be able to know simple commands. (Haven't tested this yet as I wanted to let him settle for a week.)

Enjoy the pictures! He loves getting his ears scratched! Working on getting the video of him playing off my phone. File size issues... UGH!

Sarah Rogers

Sarah, thank you so much for taking in this beautiful boy and for loving him when he needed love the most!

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