Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hercules Says Thanks

Hercules sends licks and kisses to NEBTR friends and supporters for all the nice gifts he's received and the generous donations to pay for his health care. Notice how well his neck and shoulders are clearing up with proper veterinary care! 

Just talked to my vet.  Hercules has Cushing's disease.  He will be on medication for ten days, go through a second round another round of testing, then a month of medication, followed by a third round of testing to assure that the medication dosage is correct.  On a positive note, his skin is curing well with the round of antibiotics: the no more suppurating sores, scabs and dried pus are coming off.  He's a much happier guy now that he's on a much good diet.  And the belly bands are really helping with his leakage.

Here he is with some of his latest acquisitions, belly bands from Jeffrey Lafayette, made mom very happy, and treats from NEBTR.

I am overwhelmed by the generosity of NEBTR friends and supporters, he's received so many donations to help with his medical bills and so many gifts, the door bell hasn't stopped ringing from all the delivery men.
Below are pictures of the Hercules with his numerous presents.
From Sara Puskar and Lori Schrimp, So Phresh washable under wraps
From Sandra Zaffarano, two colorful, quilted belly bands
From Lori Schrimp, a beautiful dog sweater
From Maria del Pilar, Nylabones peanut butter dog treats
Below are pictures of Hercules with all his new things!

We so much appreciate your generosity and caring, NEBTR supporters and members are so kind and generous.  And Hercules sends lots of licks and kisses! 

He is just the sweetest boy, and I know things have improved tremendously for him with all the love, care, and support from NEBTR members and supporters. 

Jeanne Dross aka Rosie's mom, mother of Abigail and foster Hercules

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