Thursday, October 22, 2015

Vegas In His Forever Home

​stated that it took almost ​​their​​ing ​even ​​ing​ ​them​​fast ​also wanted to share a huge breakthrough with Vegas today. He has allowed us to finally "cuddle" with him. I read a post somewhere that someone1 year before rescue started to becommore affectionate &cuddle with. I prayed I wouldn't have to wait that long - but knew it would happen! So I've posted a few pics of Vegas being up close and personal with us. As I write this he is laying on me curled up asleep.

​ I guess we can say that he finally feels like he is in his forever home.​ 

​! It's been a an amazing journey with him thus far.  Again I thank NEBTR for the opportunity to bea foster mom & meet Vegas.
Judith Liu

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