Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Little Bit Finds His Forever Home

This past weekend, Little Bit got to go to the home he has been waiting to find for months! He will be treated like a king in his new home being the only pet. Thanks to all those who helped get this old man to the place he was meant to be!

I actually took that picture when he was laying on the couch waiting for the adopter to come get him. He was sort of weird that morning. I really think he knew and was patiently waiting for her.  


I am so happy for all of you, he had been with NEBTR a long time. Thank you for caring for him and being patient to find the right home. And thanks to his new family for choosing to adopt, not shop. - Jeanne

Well done Kristen!  I'm gonna miss seeing that little heart on his head in those photos you would send.
Good to know he's going to get the royal treatment. :)
- Chris

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