Friday, January 1, 2016

Sunny Boy

How can you not just love this mug??

He is doing phoenominal! Loves to play with toys and Loves to play tug of war! He is such a sweetheart and i love him to death. 

Since Christmas eve I have been letting him have full run of the entire house and he sleeps (and snores) in the living room by the tree in any of the beds I have out. He does great! Sleeps the whole night and has not had any accidents! He is just perfect! He gets around great even with his limited vision. He doesn't let that deter him. 

Santa was very good to Sunny because he is such a g oood boy. He got new blankets, new dog bowls, new collar which makes him even the more handsome boy,  and of course dog treats!

Have a great day!!

Christine MANZELLA

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