Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sunny Has a Welcome Party

Sunny is being beyond spoiled! He got a window decal made with his name on it, he goes to the dog park all the time, everyone he meets just falls in love with him! I have to share the pics that the Seidels have been sending me....and are you ready for this???????

They had a welcome to the family surprise party for him last night!! They are having another one today! Complete with party hats and their own personal cake with their name on it!! 

I am just tickled at how happy they all are. I mean just look at Sunny's face in these pics!! I might have to send a couple different emails to fit the pics. Enjoy!!

Christine M

Wow they really went all out!!  Congrats Sumny on finding a wonderful home!

That is wonderful!  You have found the perfect family for him where he will always be loved, and has a doggy friend and boy of his own.

Great job!

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