Monday, December 5, 2016

New Foster Maggie

Maggie is 11 year old, tiny little girl. She was being left home alone too much. She weighs about 10-12 lbs max. and is so adorable.

Foster mom writes:
This is Maggie. She is about 10-11 lbs, has severe cataracts and is pretty much blind. She gets around well on her own but does run into things. She is 11 years old and also very skinny because another dog she was living with was eating her food. She has put on about ½ lb. since she has been with me and is looking much better. Her spine was sticking up thru her skin and you could feel her ribs prominently. That will change over the next couple of weeks. She is very loving and loves to give kisses. She gets excited when you just hold her. I don’t think she got much affection in her life.

Sandy Z

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