Saturday, January 21, 2017

Pearl's Happy Ending

So I know some of you have seen the story of the BT Pearl in Oklahoma who was found on the side of the road taped up in a box, starving and with a prolapsed rectum. Her story broke my heart more than words can say. Her sweet face reminded me of my first BT who I lost last year and all I could think about was what if that was her in that box? So I filled out at application for her (we have 5 dogs already, what was one more?!). Well I flew to Tulsa on Monday and drove home with sweet Pearl 1400 miles. It's like she has always lived here, she just fits right in. She is estimated to be 13, she's blind, deaf and was full of mammary tumors that they had removed-but she will live out the rest of her days in kindness and love here


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Laurie Russell said...

Ah, Carrie we love you for taking and giving Pearl new life and a loving home. I honestly can't understand the scum that would do this do a little dog who is nothing but trusting.