Monday, December 8, 2008

Dahlia Had Puppies! A Happy Holiday Story

Can you believe it? This is so not what I expected when I said I'd foster a senior!!! She is doing really well, she's a wonderful mother (and has clearly done this before). I'm just happy we can make her comfortable and take good care of them all.

And, the moral of the story is, if you get up really early some morning and hear squeeky noises from a dog bed, don't assume the noise makers are mice !!!
I've been involved in dog rescue/fostering for over 12 years, but this is a FIRST!

I think it goes without saying that Dahlia is no longer up for adoption. We are keeping her. And the rest of my family (including my sane husband) think we're keeping the puppies, too. By the way the girl is named Wysteria and the boy is Fiorello.

We got attached to Dahlia. When the applications came in that were interested in her, my daughter said, "You can't give away my sister." So it started looking bad then :). But after the surprise birth I thought about how much Dahlia had gone
through in her life and how many adjustments she had to make and changes and I just said I don't want her to have to adjust to anything ever again. I don't want her to ever have to feel sad or scared or confused about where she's going. So she's home and her pups are with her.




"Dahlia's Petfinder description:
Dahlia, a beautiful BT mix, is by far the sweetest dog any of us has ever met. When she should have been gently sailing into her sunset years, she was cruelly dumped into a miserable city animal shelter for no reason at all. Dahlia is in terrific shape at the age of 9 with many good years ahead of her. On a walk, she is curious and attentive. She's great on a leash, perhaps the most housebroken dog that ever was (not one accident, EVER). In a home, she is respectful and peaceful. She is wonderful with all dogs, big and small, as well as children young and old. She loves to cuddle and kiss and is heartbreakingly good, she is just looking for someone to love her. Somewhere we know there is a kind forever family waiting for Dahlia."

Fortunately, she found her loving forever home with Julie!

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