Sunday, January 25, 2009

Daphne Has a Forever Home!

Hello All,

I took Daphne (my puppymill girl) to her new owners in Jersey today! She will be one of four dogs that they have (two bostons and a cockapoo). She will also have a 3 year old kid brother and a 7 year old sister. Things went fairly well with the drop off, but Daphne was very timid and ran into the crate to be next to Shaba (their 10 year old boston). I assured Valerie that this was normal behavior for her and that I was sure that she would come out of her shell fairly quickly when she realized that they weren't out to hurt her. She was doing very well, and progressing greatly at my home. I think that this will be a very good fit for her, and feel confident that she is with a loving family who will take the time to work with her. I made Valerie promise that she would send me lots of pics and updates. I will also give her a call on Monday to see how she is doing. Thanks again to all who helped me give this girl a wonderful new life!


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