Friday, November 13, 2009

Bizzy is Featured in The Morning Call

"The Morning Call" of Allentown, PA featured Bizzy in a recent paper. The ad told about Bizzy's story:

Bizzy is a sweet 4 yr old girl that came from a puppy mill about 2 hours North of Philly She was given up because of the new stricter puppy mill laws that the state of Pennsylvania put in place. Leaving the mill she was covered in fleas, very stinky, and like most mill dogs, very scared.
In her foster home she is a loving little girl who loves to give kisses, go on car rides, and play fetch as best she can. Now that her mill mommy days are over, she would love to run and play
all over, but there is one problem. Bizzy has very severe luxating patellas, or floating knee caps, in both of her hind legs. This makes everything she does from walking, to playing, to standing up very very painful. Without surgery she would have to live the rest of her days in pain.
We have a wonderful doctor that is willing to help her with her surgery to fix her knees, but the surgery could cost up to $3600. Please help and donate anything possible to help defer the cost of Bizzy's surgery and get her back on her feet and headed to her furever home!

Please visit the rescue home page at www.nebostonrescue.orgto “chip in” for Bizzy. You can also send checks. Checks should be made out to : Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue, Inc" and mailed to:
Victoria Carter
136 East 28th Street, #5RW
New York, NY 10016

-- Contributed by Lisa Vaughan

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