Monday, January 18, 2010

Special Needs K9 Organization

Mike Pravetz has started "Special Needs k9", a nonprofit organization dedicating to helping special needs dogs with medical bills.

Mike writes, "My inspiration for starting "Special Needs K9, Inc." (Mr. Blue) went to an eye specialist and was our first case yesterday. The non-profit organization is fully operational (big thanx to Ellen and her daughter Alex!). The web-site is up and running at, and I hope to be helpful to the special needs doggies in NEBTR as well as all other special needs breeds.

The news about Mr. Blue much as his remaining eye is scratched and the some vessels are permanently damaged, he can see and the doctor said if the drops are administered (which they are) he is in no danger of losing his vision (That made my year). He's got a great home and gets to run about 2 miles several days a week (they're fitness people, living in a condo)."

Special Needs K9, Inc. is comprised of members, officers and volunteers. Specializing in rescue and aid to special needs dogs and other animals, our purpose and goal does not stop there. They are advocates against mistreatment of any animals, for their well-being and survival. Special Needs K9 finances medical procedures, treatments and purchases equipment that provides aid to disabled or otherwise affected animals. They find foster and forever homes for the ones that are difficult to adopt due to their disabilities. They also hire professionals to train dogs in animal shelters to help with certain behavioral issues that might have developed by being “locked up” in an undesirable environment for long periods of time. You can make a donation to help Mike and his animals by going to the website and clicking on the "Donate" button through paypal.

Mike believes, "These wonderful creatures were put on this earth to give us unconditional love and companionship. Unfortunately, some humans are not as giving as their pets. Some the pets are tortured or neglected, some get sick or injured, and in many cases they are “thrown” away into shelters, or even worse, they are euthanized. This is where we step in and make a difference. They give us so much, and we should at the very least give them a chance."

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