Friday, January 22, 2010

Update on Rex

I heard from SuzAnne, who adopted Rex, just before New Years. She said he is doing wonderfully and she loves him! She has a puppymill yorkie who was afraid of people, and was hoping Rex would be able to teach him people were great. And of course, Rex is doing just that! She says that he and the yorkie get along great, and that Rex is very respectful of him, and also taught the yorkie how to walk properly on the leash. She says that Rex follows her everywhere and that her father, who used to raise Bostons, loves Rex so much and enjoys cuddling with him. I'm so happy that Rex is fitting in so well - he's such a sweet dog and deserved the perfect home like this!

Wharton, NJ

Rex was rescued from a shelter in Philadephia, and now is living the perfect doggie life. Another tragedy averted!

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