Saturday, October 2, 2010

Brady From CT Lost in DE and Found

Brady, a 13 pound two year old Boston who lives in Connecticut, went to the NASCAR race at Dover, Delaware with his owners. 

On Saturday, May 15th around 9am, Brady and his owners were at the Nascar races when he got frightened and managed to escape.  He managed to get free from his collar so he had no identification on him.  He was last seen running into a retirement residential area.

Fortunately, he was found, and here's a letter from his owner describing how it happened:

"Dear's a MIRACLE!!! a true God Given MIRACLE!!!!

I can't stop kissing and holding him and looking at him....the emotions I feel right now are not describable!!!

I just wanted to post really quick to tell everyone he is PERFECT....covered in ticks.....paws a little raw, legs a little scraped up, dirty, hungry but PERFECT!!!

he is so exhausted when the guy handed him over to me his body went limp in my arms and he started to kiss my face....I just collapsed on the side of the road....we never could have done it without these 2 fishermen....they were young and athletic and never gave up....

We got the call about 8:30 a.m. after just coming back from a morning search and feeling so discouraged because the morning was so quiet......the phone rang and I heard Chris shout "YOU SEE HIM?" I grabbed Lucy and my shoes and jumped in the truck before my husband finished talking to the guy.....2 crab fishermen were late for work and they were on the road where he was originally spotted (SO CLOSE TO WHERE WE WERE!) and they saw him but didn't have the number so one of them called their mom to get the number....they remember our flyer and the newspaper story...they said Brady was running so fast away from them....but they KNEW it was him....he stayed on the phone with me while Chris drove and they narrated everything that was happening...they were so out of breath from running... and telling us where to go and how to get to where they were.....Brady ran up to a horse farm but got scared by a big black dog...they lost sight of him when we pulled up so we got out and called for him and the 2 guys continued on and saw him again....they had unhitched their fishing boat and left it in the middle of the guy on foot and the other in the truck.....the one running couldn't believe how fast he was and said he would chase him until he got tired....Brady finally got tired and dove into a ditch and the guy dove in after him.....he tried grabbing him but Brady got away and run under their truck....the guy then dove under the truck and swept Brady's back feet out from under him and that's when he grabbed him.....Chris and I were driving so fast towards the truck when the guy called us and said....DON'T WORRY....WE GOT HIM...HE'S SAFE AND INSIDE OUR TRUCK!" I was hysterical and said to Chris....PLEASE PLEASE LET IT BE HIM!! We got there about 30 seconds later and the guy got out of his truck and when we saw that it really was Brady I nearly collapsed right there in the road....He handed him over to me and Brady's face went from scared to happy when he heard my voice and I was smothering him with kisses....he instantly started licking my face and went limp in my arms with exhaustion.....I sat down in the middle of the road leaning against the truck bawling hysterically and rocking him back and forth.....OMG I still can't believe it....Drew and Mike are HEROES....sent from my Cooper Angel and God and all of your prayers and positive vibes and support....I don't know what I would have done without you all......thank you is not even close to what I possibly could say to express my gratitude....

Brady is laying in my lap as I type this with Lucy exhausted....we are going to shower and pack up and drive home today....WITH MY LIL MAN!!!!

WBOC already came out and interviewed us and Delaware State News came back to the HAPPY ENDING story....


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