Monday, January 31, 2011

Artie the Blind Pup Finds Forever Love

Artie just left our house with his new family, JulieAnne and Michael Cross, and their son Gavin. They drove all the way up from Delaware to Wharton NJ to meet the little guy, and it was love at first sight. Artie licked them all over, jumped in their laps, and practically bowled Gavin over with all of his kisses. They were so excited to meet Artie, and I know they're going to spoil him rotten. Artie was very special to me - my little blind guy and I was protective of him because I didn't want him going to a home that didn't understand his special needs. Gavin was super gentle with him, never reaching out to him, waiting for Artie to go to him. I know the Cross's are a perfect match for him and are going to love him like crazy!  He is a special little boy going to a special family.

Artie is a one year old, 25 lb, sweetheart of a Boston! Artie is blind, but don't tell him that. He has no idea that it's not 'normal' to have sight. We're pretty sure he was born blind because he compensates so amazingly. Within in a day, he'll have his entire house and yard mapped out. He's learned that when we say 'stairs' he's to be careful and go up or down and when we say 'door' he knows to step over the threshold. Because he can't see, Artie needs to be walked using a harness only. He doesn't understand that a leash is being held by his owner, so when he feels a tug at it, he panics and tries to get away. A leash hooked to a collar only escalates this. When his foster mom picks up his leash she now says, 'It's just me' and he knows that the tug will be okay.

Artie is a total cuddle bug. He will lie for hours on the couch with you, snuggling but when he's had enough of that, he's still very much a puppy and loves to play. He'll wrestle by himself on the ground, but is just as happy to have you wrestle around with him. He's not sure what toys are, but every now and again will chew on a stuffed animal.

-- Heather Coursen

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