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So far there are only three of us to work at this all day fundraiser, please help us! NEBTR needs the money so we can continue to rescue and care for rescued pups.

Cynthia Musselman and Joy Riley are holding holding a fund raiser on May 5 at the Walmart in Quakertown PA from 9:00 AM TO 4:30 PM. Cynthia and Joy will be setting up at 8:30am, always need help to set up. You don't need to stay for the whole day, just whatever time you can spare.

We do very well at Walmart, in the last few years we have raised more than $500. This Walmart is now Supersized, so there are two entrances and we'll need folks to staff both. Cynthia has this so down-pat, it will flow flawlessly. Lunch, munchies and cookies will be there, so NONE of us go hungry!!

We sell Cynthia's jelly along with BT Kisses, Rescue bracelets and NEBTR branded lip gloss.

We've read we have some newbies that have offered to help with fundraisers and they live not too far away. We'd love for people to bring their pups--all are welcome. If you want to bring a crate or an ex-pen, feel free. There's ample room for both humans and pups to stretch their legs along with inside facilities for humans and a wide open space for the pups.

Of course, fundraising is our goal. But, meeting and spending time with NEBTR folks and our four legged family members--priceless.

If you have any questions, please call Cynthia at 215-538-7667

Cynthia is the energizer bunny of Walmart fundraisers, we love you Cynthia! So come on out and support her continued great efforts that help us pay the vet bills!

And big puppy kisses to Cynthia and Joy for the good deeds:)
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