Thursday, August 2, 2012

Dogs of 9/11

Nearly 100 dogs worked at the trade center ten years ago; only 13 are left. These are the surviving dogs that worked the trade center that are still alive but retired, they are heroes too. Their eyes say everything you need to know about them.

Moxie, 13, from Winthrop , Massachusetts , arrived with her handler, Mark Aliberti, at the World Trade Center
on the evening of September 11 and searched the site for eight days.

Tara, 16, from Ipswich , Massachusetts , arrived at the World Trade Center on the night of the 11th.
The dog and her handler Lee Prentiss were there for eight days.

Kaiser, 12, pictured at home in Indianapolis , Indiana , was deployed to the World Trade Center
on September 11 and searched tirelessly for people in the rubble.

Bretagne and his owner Denise Corliss from Cypress , Texas , arrived at the site in New York
on September 17, remaining there for ten days.

Guinness, 15, from Highland , California , started work at the site with Sheila McKee
on the morning of September 13 and was deployed at the site for 11 days.

Merlyn and his handler Matt Claussen were deployed to Ground Zero on September 24,
working the night shift for five days.


Red, 11, from Annapolis , Maryland , went with Heather Roche to the Pentagon from September 16
until the 27 as part of the Bay Area Recovery Canines.