Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Big Boy Charlie is Adopted

Big Boy Charlie is in his forever home in New Jersey. This was meant to be! The family will soon be empty nester's. What an amazing family! Charlie will be the center of their world.

Charlie will be pampered for life! The family has suffered great hardship this year topped off by the loss of their 14 yr old boston. Today marked the beginning of the healing process for them. Charlie seemed at home at once the teen son playing tug-o-war on the floor, Charlie ran to the door when he had to tinkle. They already had food and water waiting for Charlie and before we left Charlie was trying to nab the left over food off the counters. I know Charlie needed them but I think they needed him more! This is why we do what we do...thanks to all of you for making this day possible.

Awesome first adoption experience with NEBTR the constant guidance and support were incredible! We look forward to the next foster in need.
Thank you!

And thank you Maria for opening up your heart and home to this adorable boy in need!  We are so happy to have you as part of NEBTR.

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