Thursday, June 13, 2013

good web site with lots of information about Boston Terriers.  You'll notice that some of our blog posting are from this site.

Welcome, Fellow Boston Terrier Enthusiasts!

As a Boston Terrier "mom", I wanted to share the knowledge and love I have for this very special breed of dog. So, I created this site as a resource for potential owners and for the people who love these skooshy-faced little dogs as much as I do.
Our family has always had dogs, but it wasn't until we got our first BT that we felt that we had found just the right breed for us. They are intelligent, active little dogs. And, their size, personality and temperament have been a perfect fit for our family.
If you're thinking of adding a Boston to your family, I can tell you that they make great companions. If you're already owned by a BT, then you already know how incredibly special they are!
Looking for information on finding a breeder, puppy selection, health care, nutrition, training, or other additional resources? We can help!
Here's a peek at what you'll find here:
  • An introduction to the breed, their ancestry and history.
  • Learn about choosing a breeder and a puppy.
  • Feeding and proper nutrition.
  • Common health problems you should be aware of.
  • Great names for BTs and help with naming your dog.
  • News and stories about Bostons.
  • Adorable pictures of Boston Terriers.
  • And much, much more!
We are always adding and updating our content, photos and articles, so come back often. We hope your visits are informative, enjoyable and most of all, FUN! Thanks for visiting!

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