Saturday, June 15, 2013

More on Bryant


Bryant came to NEBtR as an owner surrender directly to me his foster mom back in January. Shortly after, he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Cushing's disease. Bryant was treated for the thyroid problem but this had little effect on his weight and polydypsia. Bryant then had a loading dose for the Cushing's and since his treatment has been emerging as a dog. He now rolls on his back, comes when called and even today, I saw him grooming his paws. Nothing special perhaps, but for a dog with Cushing's this is amazing. He was more like a statue than a dog and is now becoming more like a dog than a statue. He was seen today by my great vet and will be placed on a maintenance dose to control the disease. I am hoping that within 4 weeks, he will be stable on the meds and ready for a forever home. Bryant is a great dog. I was waiting to see who he was beyond his illnesses. Bryant also lost 4 lbs. With his health issues and his frequent urination under control, he will make someone very happy. Bryant will start the medication maintenance asap. Let's hope the best for him. (I posted new pictures of Bryant in the Photo file)

Linda Brennan

Thank you so much Linda for all you are doing for Bryant!  Linda, this is such a story.  You have been absolutely amazing with Bryant and the teamwork that you and Dr Closser have is a true testament to your dedication to heal.And he even has his own Facebook page!

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