Saturday, July 13, 2013

Walking A New Path

Thank you very much for the adoption anniversary card. Just wanted to drop everyone a quick line to let you know how Tucker and Georgie are doing. 

We have had Tucker for 2 years now and Georgie for almost 1: both boys are doing great! Georgie, while initially very nervous, has really started to come out of his shell and has bonded well with our family. Daily ball playing is a must! Tucker has adjusted to having a canine brother and they have even started to play with each other, which shows that old dogs can learn new tricks! Tucker continues to learn how to make friends and be social and we are now able to take him to the dog park with very few incidents of him becoming nervous and upset.

Thanks so very much!
Leslie, Chuck, Tucker, and Georgie

And thank you for choosing to adopt, not shop!  Two rescue pups who have found a loving home.

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