Friday, August 23, 2013

New Foster Cleo



Cleo Says:

My first night is tough. I hope Jamie doesn't rearrange my pillows. PRICELESS!!!


Cleo is an almost 12 year old little girl who found herself at the Bucks County  SPCA Shelter.  She was surrendered as the owner is terminal with cancer.  Everyone at the shelter said that she is a real sweetheart. 

Thanks to Kristy Ieraci, who volunteered to open up her heart and home to this little girl, who must be very confused and upset.

Joy Riley, who picked her up from the shelter, writes:  

“This little girl is beyond darling!!  She's obviously been taken care of and loved.  Her 12th birthday is Oct. 13.  She wags her tail non-stop, turns her head when you talk to her--like she could start talking any time.  I cannot believe she's almost 12.  She's going to be an absolute treasure for some lucky adopter!!  She just wants to play!! 

She LOVES to ride, walks beautifully on a leash and will gladly give you a "full facial" of BT kisses.  She'd be awesome at one of our kissing booths.”


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