Saturday, September 21, 2013

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Hey everyone! Sherry here!

Just wanted to update you on how I'm doing in foster care. My foster parents take so many pictures of me and I've finally decided to just let them without hiding my face so much because they say I'm just so cute and pretty so I have attached a bunch so you could all see what they're talking about.

I sure do love life in my foster home! I loooove playing in the backyard and sometimes just for fun I sprint as fast as my little legs can carry me all over the yard and play with my foster mom. She's always laughing when I stop, drop and break dance and roll around in the grass and rub my face all in it too. I love doing that on my walks too! I was never able to run like that in my old home or walk like I do! Now when I see my foster mom get my harness I jump and dance all over the place in excitement! You'd never know I was 7 years old!

I get these delicious little treats too when I do simple things like sit, stay and lay down when mom asks me. It's easy but sometimes I just get too excited for the treats so it takes me a little bit to calm down and listen. As long as I get taken outside every few hours I never have an accident in the house! It was hard trying to remember that I'm not allowed to go inside my foster home like I was at my old house but I'm getting the hang of it just fine!

I don't get table scraps anymore which bums me out but my new food is good and the fish oil on it really helps my dry skin! I even get a raw egg on my food once a week and my skin, coat and shedding seems to be improving! I'm just about done with my ear medicine (thank goodness!) only two more days and I haven't been scratching at it or shaking my head at all! It's almost all cleared up! I also have a dry, cracked lip on my left side which my mom has been cleaning and putting ointment on a few times a day. It's feeling so much better and hasn't broken open since she started helping me take care of it.

I'm feeling so comfortable and really showing my personality in my foster home now! I love people and children but you have to stop and let me sniff you and say hello before just walking by me. I won’t be mean or aggressive if you don't but i loooove attention and will bark and jump up at you if you ignore me. Dogs are a different story... I don't care for them at all. I get along okay with my foster brother Juno. He's 10 and a rescue like me but smaller. Mom says he's a toy fox terrier and he isn't really interested in me. I try following him around but he never stays around me long. He likes to just lay around by himself.

I have another foster brother too. He looks just like me but a little bigger and his name is Smalls. I'm very interested in him and have gone on many walks with him and that's fine. I don't like when he tries to sniff me though and I get a little nasty. As long as I am on my side of the gate and he is on his, I have no problem with him. Though I'd definitely prefer to be an only dog. I really don't like any dogs that are bigger than me.

Well I think that's it for now! I've put off my ear medication and lip cleaning long enough and mom is waiting for me! I hope I can find a forever home that will spoil me and give me a ton of attention, healthy food and exercise so I can continue to get back into shape. And no other dogs or animals please! Shouldn't be long now before I'm ready!

Sherry! Oh and my foster mom Shawna :)
Cicero, NY

Thank you for the update Shawna. Sherry looks right at home and happy.
Thank you for taking her into your home and showing her love.
Love the pictures.

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