Friday, December 27, 2013

Wally and the Pharmacist

Drive up to the drop off window at Rite Aid to leave Wally's prescription. A young girl (she looked about 12 ) came to the window and asked me so what is Wally's birthday. I told her I was not quite sure. She gave me a strange look what do you mean you don't know.. Told her well just write down 12/26/2004 that is when I got him. She gives me a dirty look. She checks my insurance and tells me I don't see him listed under your insurance. I looked at her and said that is because he is a dog. She hands me a paper and said well Wally has to sign for his prescription. I told her he can't write he is a dog. Then she asked me when do you want to pick up the prescription. I told her after two. She looks at me and says "Wally will HAVE to sign for his prescription before we will release it to you "…

I told her I will try to teach him to write before this afternoon.

Loretta Miner

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